Poze SISTER OF THE MOON - Janeen O'Kerry


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In the sylvan glens of Eire, the Sidhe reigned supreme. The fair folk, they were: fairies, thieves, changelling-bearers, tricksters. Their feet made no sound as they traipsed through ancient forests, their mounths no noise as they wove their moonlight spells. And so Men had learned to fear them. But the Folk were dying. Their hunting grounds were overrun, their bronze swords no match for Man's cols iron. Winter harvests no longer afforded enough to survive. Scahta, their queen, was helpless to act. Her people needed a king. And on Samhain Eve, she found one. Though he was raw and untrained, she saw in Anlon the soul of nobility. Yet he was a Man. He would have to pass many tests to win her love. At the fires of Beltane he must prove himself her husband- and for the salvation of the Sidhe he must make himself a king. 

315pg. Lb.engleza. Format mic. Historical romance


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